Payment details are to be obtained from via e-mail.

Application fee:

  • Application fee is US$50. Deadline is April 4, 2023.


  • Program tuition fee is US$4150. It includes course material fees and VAT. It is paid in two steps. 
  • Step1: Non-refundable downpayment of the program tuition fee is US$1500. Deadline is May 9, 2023.
  • Step2: The rest of the program tuition fee is US$2650. In case of delay of payment, there will be a surcharge of 10%. Deadline is June 6, 2023.


  • Only for those applicants who wish to stay at Superdorm
  • Accommodation fee: US$1000. Deadline is June 6, 2023.
  • Visit this website for the dorm payment details:

Please note that:

  • all payments must be made by bank transfer and in US$ only (account information to be obtained from,
  • document of each transfer must be e-mailed to,
  • all bank fees incurred during transfer are to be met by the applicants. (Some banks make international transfers through intermediary banks and this results in fees being cut off from the original amount sent.)